Choral clinic for the Gay Men’s Chorus of Charlotte

On Friday and Saturday March 2nd and 3rd 2012, I gave a weekend choral clinic. On the Friday evening, we had an open workshop for choral singers from all over North Carolina, and I worked with 7th Son, the small group of GMC Charlotte and members of One Voice. That workshop was focused on singing jazz and pop repertoire, and included work on rhythm skills, sound and phrasing and improvising.

On the Saturday, I worked all day with the Gay Men’s Chorus of Charlotte, North Carolina, helping them prepare for their ‘Boy Bands’ show. One very kind workshop member from the Friday night emailed me afterwards:

‘Thank you so much for coming to Charlotte to lead an amazing workshop ! My only wish is that it could have lasted longer , thank you for sharing your expertise and enthusiasm.’

I’ve done quite a few clinics and workshops for GALA choruses now, the Association of LGBT choruses and choirs based in the US, both for individual ensembles and at conferences and leadership events. There is a passion for music-making in these organisations that I love, because it grows from the need to connect with each other and with audiences through singing. For me, that need to connect, to make relationship with others is what music is all about.

Charles BealeComment