What a great article this is!

NYCGMC is here to say singing can be a matter of life and death.

Singing heals people. It creates community. It gives singers an opportunity to express themselves and let stuff out. It helps them find their voices as human beings. There are NYCGMC members whose very survival has been due to singing. Got a life-threatening illness? Try singing! Bad day at work?  I bet singing a song with a group of friends will help. Depressed or alone? Join a choir and see what happens.

Singing is also spiritual, and takes people to a place of transcendence. It takes you out of yourself, and connects you directly with other singers and listeners through the power of music, whether you know them or not. What you create is bigger and more uplifting than the sum of its parts.

Singing also develops all kinds of great skills, including teamwork, listening, leadership, math, languages, history, diversity.

Singing can powerfully transform listener perceptions too. Because it operates directly through the ears, music breaks down barriers and gets through to people emotionally, in ways that power-point presentations and rational debate absolutely can't.

Said it before and I'll say it again: it's hard to hate someone you just sang a song with!

Charles BealeComment