A shout out to older LGBTQ people - the need for intergenerational thinking

I was touched to be mentioned in this Westerner article advocating for older LGBTI Australians by David Hardy, a colleague and friend from Brisbane, Australia, on the GALA Choruses External Relations Committee. Thanks for the shout-out, David!

As he points out, there is an important intergenerational issue that needs addressing in our community (or is that communities?). Older people often feel excluded, or at least unheard, and it is vital that the young know the (often hair-raising!) stories of the old, and the old benefit from the passion and new ideas of the young.

In NYCGMC, we put energy into ensuring the two mix as much as we can. One of our members recently commented to me how unusual it was that, if both are, say, Tenor 2, a 20-something guy can sit next to a 60-something guy in rehearsal, sing together and chat for three hours weekly, and develop a genuine friendship over time without it seeming odd to either of them.

Another way in which our choruses are creating community and connecting people ...

Charles BealeComment