A gig like no other


NYCGMC just performed 'Holdin' Out for a Hero' on Neil Patrick Harris's new prime time show 'Best Time Ever'. We sang the song with Bonnie Tyler, who was flown in from the UK, while NPH trampolined with circus experts and acrobats.

The sheer bravado of the concept and the precision of the technical crew was spectacular. During the 4 minute ad break before our segment, they had to strike the previous game show set which included pyrotechnics, install and make safe a giant trampoline and wall, move a choir onto stage with mikes, get Bonnie in position, change NPH into trampolining gear, and then simultaneously film the singing, the trampolining and an acrobat live.

I was proud of my vocal arrangement, but I was especially grateful for the professionalism and good humor of our guys. They learnt choreography, rehearsed vocals tirelessly, waited patiently for hours, endured much repetition, looked a million dollars, and in many cases took time off work to produce a super-tight result in less that 48 hours, soup to nuts.

A gig literally like no other, and let no-one say we can't embrace a challenge!

Charles BealeComment