NYCGMC meets LGMC, in rehearsal and at the Queen Elizabeth Hall

NYCGMC and LGMC in rehearsal at Cecil Sharp House Monday June 9th 2014

Our first tour stop was London, where we began with a joint rehearsal with the London Gay Men's Chorus.

My first impression of NYCGMC in 2005 was of how similar it was to LGMC, both in its values and goals, and also in the minutiae of its day to day workings. Having led LGMC and then moved to NYCGMC, I had a unique perspective on both choirs, and a strong hunch that the two groups would just mesh - two choirs  separated at birth in different continents.

So it was truly amazing and very personally moving nearly 10 years later to be able to bring them together in the same room. The initial comment of Eugene, an NYCGMC Baritone, said it all, watching their choreography practice: 'They are US!'


Charles BealeComment