Ribbing Chris Christie on ABC News

We had a really unusual call last week from ABC News newscaster Dan Kloeffler, who recently outed himself on air. He was writing a piece on New Jersey Governor and near-miss Republican Vice-Presidential nominee Chris Christie - not one of my favorite politicians personally! He was looking for a quartet of Jersey-Boy style singers to sing witty (and sometimes snarky) vocal snippets between segments of his report on the Republican Convention, to make it more colorful.

Never one to refuse a musical challenge, I found myself writing seven 15 second numbers in the style of Franki Valli and the Four Seasons, teaching them to four long-suffering but very talented members, and then doing a morning’s filming at Fordham University in the Bronx. Here we are on stage in spangly jackets (I’m at the piano on the left), choreography and all, and below at ABC to get our make-up.

As with all TV projects and especially the news, fingers crossed that it all makes it onto the eventual broadcast, which i suspect will relate to what happens to tropical storm Isaac, and what Christie ends up saying in his big speech.

Life as AD of NYCGMC is certainly never dull, and it’s all great outreach and exposure!


Charles BealeComment