Charlie Beale

This is the website of Dr Charles W. Beale, international choral director, jazz musician, clinician and speaker.

i am Charlie Beale.

I am an award-winning international choral conductor, jazz musician, clinician, writer. I direct choral ensembles. I play jazz. I improvise, I compose, I arrange.

I am the artistic leader of an exciting arts organization, with a million dollar budget.

I advocate for LGBTQ equality, and for the impact of music and singing in the world.

What I do, AND WHY I DO IT

For the singers I work with, making music is fun. But it is so much more.

Singing is a transforming force in their lives. It empowers them, and helps them find their voices. It connects them, creating new friendships, new understandings of themselves and each other. In the act of singing, singers become heroes; advocates; confident, empowered communicators.

Their singing also affects those who hear them. Through music, listeners connect, listen, laugh, cry, learn about love. For me, this is what gives music-making its urgency, power and relevance in 2019. Music is a catalyst, a force for humanity, building bridges and creating positive change in the world.

what I am up to THIS YEAR

Until August 1st 2019, I am the conductor of NYCGMC, and Artistic Director of Big Apple Performing Arts. I am also a Board member of GALA Choruses. As Vice President, and Chair of their External Relations and Education Committees, I have a specialist expertise in LGBTQ choruses worldwide.

I am co-commissioning a major new work for the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall riots, which will be performed by around 25 choruses across the US, with a massed performance in New York City.

I am writing a new book for Oxford University Press, out in Fall 2019.

I am constantly arranging for choral ensembles in the US, UK, Australia and the Far East, gay and straight.

I coach future conductors and managers of LGBTQ choral groups across the US, and around the world, most recently in Mexico City.

I freelance for Sing Up in the UK, which is doing much-needed work facilitating singing in thousands of schools. 

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Thank you so much for coming to Charlotte to lead an amazing workshop! My only wish is that it could have lasted longer. Thank you for sharing your expertise and enthusiasm.
— Gay Men's Chorus of Charlotte workshop, 2011
I just wanted to thank you for lending Charlie Beale to us ... He’s a magnificent teacher and thanks to him we rocked big time!
— Choir member, Out and Loud Festival 2013